Multi Wheel Roulette

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Multi Wheel Roulette

Play Multi Wheel Roulette Online for Free

Multi-wheel roulette is a game very similar to European roulette. The key point is that the user can spin up to eight wheels simultaneously here. Still, the game features just one betting table. Therefore, the player’s bets apply to each wheel.

Multi Wheel Roulette Overview

There is no great variety of such roulette types at online casinos. The most popular options are Microgaming and Playtech releases.

The multi-wheel version does not significantly differ from the basic game. However, if he is not familiar with the basic rules, it is better to learn how the game works. As it was already mentioned, the difference between the multi-wheel version and basic one is that the multi-wheel option has several wheels spinning at once. The gambler can select which ones should be active during each spin. Since there is one betting table, the player places the same bet for all active wheels. Then, he collects the winning from each one.

Multi-wheel has the same rules as the European one, meaning it has a low casino edge and quite a high RTP percentage. Such a game is beneficial for the users since it allows them to have more successful spins. However, the odds depend on the number of wheels active during each spin.

Multi Wheel Roulette Strategy

This game strategy does not differ from the one used in standard European roulette. Actually, there is not much strategy involved here. No matter what bet is made, the house edge remains a consistent 2.7%. The reason is that each bet pays out fairly on a wheel with 36 (or 37) pockets.

If a player selects to bet on one or two numbers at a time, he loses on most of his spins but enjoys large payouts when he gets lucky and hits these numbers. The main piece of advice here is to stick to the even money bets. This will lead to smaller losses and more frequent wins.

Multi Wheel Roulette FAQ

Who will enjoy multi-wheel roulette?

The gamblers who like fast-paced gameplay full of action and offering some huge wins will like this type of game. Eight wheels spinning simultaneously provide eight times the risk and potential eight times the wins. Such a game is a perfect option for seasoned gamblers who know the game well and have a lot of money to risk. Casino newcomers or players with smaller budgets should better stick to a classic version of European roulette.

Is there live dealer multi-wheel roulette available?

No. Unfortunately, no software providers currently offer such titles. However, you can enjoy multiple other live dealer games available to keep you engaged.

Is it possible to play multi-wheel roulette for free?

Yes. You can play most casino games in demo versions, meaning you can enjoy multi-wheel roulette without any risk of losing money.

How to win on multi-wheel roulette?

Almost each casino game is a game of chance, so there is no actual winning strategy. However, there are some pieces of advice: always stick to your budget, play responsibly, and never spend more than you can afford.