Mini Roulette

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Mini Roulette

Play Mini Roulette Game Online for Free

Mini roulette is a reduced version of traditional European Roulette. This compact game has only 13 slots instead of 37 or 38 positions available on the European or American wheel. As the number of slots is reduced, the bets table is smaller too. So, the mini roulette game might be a good choice for those who find the traditional version with its variety of bets somewhat overwhelming. 

How to Play Mini Roulette Online

Although the mini roulette wheel is reduced, the rules for playing it are pretty similar to those of European Roulette, so new players should not face many difficulties upon trying this game.

Step 1: Assess the table before placing bets, as there are some differences between traditional and mini roulette tables. For example, a single zero is located over the section of numbers from 1 to 12.

Step 2: Spin the wheel and hope for luck. Mini roulette online game uses Random Number Generator (RNG), so this is a game of chance and using intuition is frequently the only strategy one can use to win in this game. 

Step 3: Collect the winnings if the ball lands on a selected slot. 

Step 4: Try to change the game strategy if several rounds are non-winning ones.

Bets, Payouts, and Odds

Having a smaller wheel, mini roulette offers fewer variants of bets, but their types remain the same. Thus, players can pick one of the following bets or combine them in one round:

  • Straight: chip placed on a number from 1 to 12.
  • Split: bets that consist of two random numbers.
  • Street: chips laid on three numbers in a row (e.g., 1-2-3).
  • Three: bets on 0-1-2 or 0-2-3.
  • Bets of four numbers: There are only three variants in the roulette mini game: 1-4-7-10, 2-5-8-11, 3-6-9-12.
  • Bet on three combinations, namely 1-6, 4-9, 7-12.
  • Bets on color: red or black.
  • Bets on odd or even.

Odds and possible payouts of the above-mentioned bets can be found in the table below:

Bet TypeOddsPayouts
Straight7.7%11 to 1
Split15.3%5 to 1
Street23.1%3 to 1
Column (bet on four numbers)30.7%2 to 1
Red/black bet46.2%1 to 1
Odd/even bet46.2%1 to 1

Types of Mini Roulette

This table game cannot boast a variety of variants, but there are still two types of mini roulette: the game with and without La Partage.

What is La Partage? It is a rule that allows players to have half of their bet compensated if a ball lands on 0. 

Thus, finding a mini roulette version with the La Partage rule is important, as the house advantage is higher if the game does not apply this rule. 

Mini Roulette Online Strategy and Tips

Mini roulette does not leave much room for maneuver as a game of chance. However, there are several strategic steps that a player can take to increase their chances for a win:

  • Pick a golden mean: pick those types of bets with medium odds (street, column).
  • Pick a game with La Partage and avoid placing bets on 0.

Mini Roulette FAQ

What is house advantage in mini roulette?

House advantage depends on the availability of the La Partage rule in the game. If half of the bet is not compensated when the ball lands on 0, the house advantage can be as high as 7.89%.

How many bet slots are there on the mini roulette wheel?

Mini roulette consists of 13 slots: numbers from 1 to 12 and 0.

Do all mini roulette games have La Partage rule?

Usually, mini roulette does not offer La Partage, but some providers do have games of this type that offer La Partage rule (e.g., Mini Roulette by Playtech). 

What is the highest payout in mini roulette?

The highest payout is 11 to 1, and it can be won on a straight bet only (a bet on a single number from 1 to 12).