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Slot Info

Big Time Gaming
Min Bet
0.01 – 1
Max Bet
Top Win
$ 12000
Aztec, Jewels

Bonus Features

6 Reels
Bonus Rounds
Free Spins
Increasing Multipliers
Scatter Symbol
Wild Symbol

Bonanza Slot Machine Review

We are pleased to present to you, our review on the online Bonanza slot machine developed by a team of professionals from Big Time Gaming. Bonanza slot – one of the most famous, fascinating and simple slot machines. This game offers to win a lot and quickly without any doubt. This slot machine dedicated to miners and gold mines, with the unsurpassed Megaways feature from Big Time Gaming, is equipped with rotating reels and a crazy number of paylines, the number reaches up to 11,0000. Do you think the developers really counted all the lines? We can only hope, because this is the special Megaways feature that separates this slot from other traditional classic slot machines.

Bonanza Bonus Features

The free spins feature is the biggest attraction of the game. However, it is worth mentioning the cascading reels and disappearing symbols. Each symbol participating in a winning combination will explode and leave room for new symbols to form new winning combinations. This continues as long as you keep winning, and it also plays an important role in the free spins feature, which we will describe below.

Bonanza Free Spins – Since this is a mining game, what could be more appropriate than launching the free spins feature when you say the word GOLD anywhere on the reels. You will be immediately rewarded with 12 free spins, and for each additional scatter you will receive 5 additional free spins. As soon as the free spins feature starts, you get into the mine itself, and every time you get a consecutive win, the “eternal multiplier” increases each time.

Get lucky with some early wins, and the multiplier can really get close to the end of the function, and your winnings will grow. You can also win additional free spins by playing with this feature, and this is done by getting gold bars in the mining cart. 3 gold bars will give you 5 more free spins, and 4 bars will give you 10 new spins. There is no limit on the number of additional free spins you can win, just as there is no limit on how high the multiplier can be.

Bonanza Slot: RTP, Dispersion and Technical Data

Before we dive into the essence of this slot and reveal all the exciting features, we will summarize the technical data for you:

RTP: 96%

Volatility / variance: high

Layout: 7x7x7x7x7x7

Paylines: Uptil 117649 (win in both directions)

Bonus features: free spins, multipliers, multiplier (+1024), replacement of winning symbols and jokers.

The RTP of Bonanza slots is 96%, which is more or less exactly the average that you will find in most online slots. Return to Player is, as you may know, a theoretical number that shows how much you can expect from a given slot in the long run. This gives us a 4% casino advantage for the Bonanza slot, and you can’t complain about it. Volatility, or, as it is also called, variance, is very high in this game, so expect some turbulence in your bankroll and prepare accordingly. There will be big wins, but you will need composure and a little patience in this game. Once you reach this huge multiplier in the free spins game, it will all be worth your time.

How to Play: Bonanza Slot Machines

Bonanza doesn’t offer as many features that you need to be aware of before you start. However, we’ll mention it here so that you don’t miss anything potentially important. The first thing you can check is the paytable. This is not a dynamic paytable that changes according to the bet level you choose, but instead displays how much you win multiplied by your total bet for each symbol. There are 4 bonus symbols in the paytable, and all of them are gems of different colors. The most valuable symbol pays 50 times more than your bet for 6 on the payline. If you click on the options tab in the menu, you can turn the game sound on or off. Unfortunately, you can’t just turn off the music and save the sound effects, as many other games allow you to do. You can also read all about the features of the game in the menu section with the paytable.

To start the game, you first need to choose a total bet amount, and then you need to decide whether you want to play manually or use the autoplay version. You can choose from 5 to 100 auto spins, and you can also set a loss limit and a single win limit, which stops the duty on its way. Each car of the train, rolling on top of the usual reels, carries a symbol. These symbols add an additional row to reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 for each spin. Each line can display from 2 to 7 symbols, and the cascade winnings feature allows for more than one payout per spin. That’s it, when it comes to how to play the Bonanza slot.

Bonanza Slots for Mobile Devices and Tablets

Bonanza slot machines are available to play on any mobile device or tablet, and it is definitely a game that is worth having in your pocket. Play on Android, iPhone, iPad or any other device that you have. Windows and Blackberry are also working fine. This is a great slot for portable devices, and you can have fun on the go.

Free Spins, Scatter and Wild Symbols

As you would expect from Big Time Gaming, there are much more attractive features in the Bonanza game than were listed above. This developer really knows a lot about how to get the attention of his players when it comes to creating good slot machines and an exciting gameplay.

First, let’s take a closer look at the scatter symbols. This symbol allows the player to switch to the free spins mode if the desired combination is available. The necessary combination in this case is the combination that makes up the word “GOLD” from the scatter symbols. Thus, the scatter symbols appear on the reels in the form of the letters G, O, L and D. Thanks to the Megaways function, you do not have to knock out these symbols in a perfectly horizontal order, it is enough that they are located from left to right. When these combinations fall out, you will receive a generous reward in the form of 12 free spins.

Also, in the Bonanza game, the player can also win additional free spins in addition to those already received. If the player knocks out scatter symbols on the reels again in the free spins mode, they bring 5 additional free spins. Technically, this means that the player can get an infinite number of free spins. As soon as all the free spins received are over, the player will return to the main game.

Last but not least, there are wild symbols. In this game, the wild symbols are presented in the form of dynamite checkers. As in all video slot games, the wild symbol can replace any other symbol on the reels, except for the scatter symbol.

Bonanza FAQ

What is the Winning Wheel on Bonanza slots?

Above the playing field with classic vertical reels, there is a horizontal drum with four cells. The symbols located there also participates in collecting combinations, complementing the 2-5 standard reels, and when the symbols burn, the pictures move from right to left. It is convenient that the player can see which images follow next.

How many paylines are there in the Bonanza game?

Big Time Gaming studio implemented the Megaways mechanics in the slot, which allowed to increase the number of paylines to 117,649. This is achieved due to the arbitrary appearance of 2 to 7 symbols on each of the six reels, as well as the presence of a horizontal reel with 4 cells.

What is the volatility of the Bonanza Slot?

Playing the Bonanza slot can not be called too risky, since the video slot machine is characterized by low-average variance. This means that winning combinations fall out often, which is not surprising with the indicated number of paylines. Therefore, the game is ideal for wagering bonus funds.

What is the possible biggest win on slot Bonanza?

You can win up to 10,000 times your bet in this game, and this is most likely to happen in the bonus round due to the unlimited progressive multiplier.

How many ways to win are available in Bonanza slot machine?

It is called Megaways for a reason, and in this game you can use up to 117,649 ways to win. This happens when all 6 reels are filled with a maximum of 7 symbols.

Is there a free spins feature in the Bonanza game?

Yes, this is the main attraction of slot Bonanza, as it has a multiplier that increases by 1x with each win. The multiplier does not reset while the bonus round lasts, and there is no limit on how high it can be.