Astroboomers: to the Moon

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Astroboomers: to the Moon

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Spearhead Studios
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Adventure, Space

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Astroboomers: to the Moon

Astroboomers: to the Moon Slot

Astroboomers: to the Moon is a game with fluid variance and a theme that will take the players to outer space. The RTP of Astroboomers: to the Moon is set at 97% to make sure the players land wins as they start the game. The punters are invited on a mission that will stop the meteors from reaching the surface of the planet as they board a rocket and secure credits while traveling into space.

The non-standard setup of the game allows the players to stay in charge of the potential wins. The volatility of the game can be adjusted based on the player’s choice, including the number of astronauts taking part in a single round. The players are allowed to select wagers on 1, 2, or 3 astronauts per spin. If there is a fun mode involved, the punters will find 10 levels of bets accessible. The bets will start with the minimum number of credits, which is 0.10. The maximum number of credits is 100.

Strategies for Astroboomers: to the Moon

The payouts in Astroboomers: to the Moon depend on the multiplier that was established at the start of the game. The minimum multiplier that can be established in the slot is 1.01x, and the maximum is 2500x. The basic strategy for the game is selecting the number of astronauts that will be sent into outer space.

The players can choose the number ranging from 1 to 3, with the number of astronauts adjusted every time a new launch is announced. Before the rockets come into view, the punters have to choose a bet size for an individual rocket. As the game progresses, the players need to watch out for a string of meteorites that are set on fire. To make sure the multiplier reward is granted in the base game, the gamblers need to avoid the rocket being vaporized.

The potential wins will be increased during the rocket flight. Astroboomers: to the Moon also features the auto option that allows the punters to choose win targets for the preferred rocket. When the maximum betting limit is exceeded, the auto option will launch an auto-eject feature. Selecting the auto option will lower the bet size to the minimum value. It can be adjusted manually before going for a full auto mode.

Astroboomers: to the Moon FAQ

Why is Astroboomers: to the Moon a popular slot?

Astroboomers: to the Moon from Spearhead Studios is an online slot that became popular due to its non-standard setup and a vibrant space theme inviting the players to go on an adventure.

What is the volatility in Astroboomers: to the Moon?

The RTP of Astroboomers: to the Moon is 97%, with volatility rates that can be adjusted throughout the base game.

What is the best strategy for Astroboomers: to the Moon?

The best strategy for Astroboomers: to the Moon is selecting the number of astronauts that will be sent on a mission to space. The players can choose 1, 2, or 3 astronauts, launching a different number every time they play.

What is the theme of Astroboomers: to the Moon?

Astroboomers: to the Moon has an interactive space theme that features meteors coming toward the Earth. The players are on a mission to reach the Moon and avoid the fire-lit meteors as they are advancing at high speed.