Arcadem: History and Tools of the Innovative Brand

Created in 2020, Arcadem has already secured a place on the list of casino developers that are destined for success. Arcadem’s main office is located in Malta, which enables the provider to form long-lasting collaborations with established casino developers. High-end slots designed by the company have already helped expand the developer’s influence on the gambling market.

The experts predict the provider’s global expansion in the next few years, their tight connections with the Malta authorities giving them an authorized license to become a high-class studio with an emphasis on graphic design and progressive jackpots. The ethics of the company suggest that their mission lies in bringing an innovative, futuristic aspect to the games developed online. Arcadem is mainly focused on fighting-style games and medieval-inspired slots.

Arcadem Slot Machine Games

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    Instant Play Wins and Progressive Jackpots

    The most popular releases that stay true to the company’s ethos include slots listed below:

    • The Immortal Dao
    • Merlin and the Philosopher’s Stone
    • Starfang
    • Taphouse
    • Evil Elf: The Night before Christmas
    • The Hatter’s Mad Tea Party
    • The Neon Samurai: Kawa
    • Undying Romance

    The soundtrack accompanying the games is meant to enhance the impression of the immersive gameplay. The mechanics of the slots stay simple and true to the point. Most games have the standard setup of 5 reels and varying paylines that feature a limited number of progressive jackpots.

    The slots produced by Arcadem are perfect for players that prefer games with medium stakes that do not involve too much risk. Table games and classic roulette seem less popular among the players who have decided to pay a visit to Arcadem slots online. Instead, the company’s management stated they have decided to make futuristic games that are based on strategy-oriented gambling.

    Red Panda Poker is the kind of game that needs to be checked out by the lovers of classic poker.  Arcadem slots are packed with bonuses that are meant to enhance the players’ payouts. The Neon Samurai: Kawa stands out as a slot that features 5 reels and theme-related symbols that will help the players land a winning combination in the base game. The wild symbol in the game has the capacity to replace all other symbols. A scatter symbol is locked in place to trigger the free spins. In addition, the slot features a gamble game for seasoned punters. Free spins availability makes Arcadem slots a top choice for players in search of fair, responsible gaming that involves getting impressive wins daily.

    Arcadem Slots FAQ

    Can Arcadem slots be played on mobile phones and tablets?

    Arcadem slots can be easily played on mobile devices due to the company’s investment in HTML5 technology. The dynamic of the games allows the players to access them on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

    What are the bonuses in Arcadem slots?

    The players will get a range of bonuses while playing Arcadem slots online, the most prominent of them including a round of free spins and multipliers to enhance the wins and reach out to more audiences.

    When was Arcadem founded?

    Arcadem was founded in 2020, which makes it a fairly new game developer for online players. However, the company has already managed to establish itself as a trustworthy one on the global market.

    Where is Arcadem based?

    Arcadem has its main office in Malta, thus providing the company with great opportunities to form collaborations with the leading casino developers in the area.