Malta Gaming Authority Gaming License

Malta Gaming Authority Gaming License is considered as one of the most authoritative regulators in the gaming industry. Many online casinos are operating from within its jurisdiction. The presence of Malta Gaming Authority Gaming License is not an empty word. Once players see Malta Gaming Authority Gaming License mentioned on the casino’s website, they can take it as a guarantee of safety and security.

Updated on April, 2024

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Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

The gambling business system in Malta is perfectly regulated today. An important role in this was played by the policy of the Maltese Government aimed at creating favorable conditions for business, related to lotteries and gambling. The MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) is the official government body of Malta that issues licenses to gambling industry entities.

Maltese Gambling Service, known before the rebranding as the Lottery and Gaming Management Service (LGA), is the only independent state regulator in the country’s gambling industry. The agency manages all gambling processes both in land-based establishments and in the online segment.

As a regulatory body, MGA maintains a unified register of permission holders and those operators whose license is currently suspended. To prevent fraud on the part of online casinos that do not have permission and deceive users, the company publishes a list of operators.

Advantages of jurisdiction: 

  • Receiving tax benefits on a par with Maltese trading companies.
  • Politically and economically stable jurisdiction.
  • Malta is a member of the EU.
  • The country is not listed in the list of offshore zones.
  • This gambling license of a European country gives the right to open an account in a European bank.

Process of Obtaining the License

There are 4 classes of gambling licenses in Malta, the conditions that the Malta Gaming Authority sets for its licensees depend on each individual class.

Class 1. This class covers casinos, predicted outcome games, and online lotteries. The paid-up share capital for this class is 100,000 euros.

Class 2. This class includes games with fixed bets, betting on a set of bets and spread betting. The paid-up share capital for this class is 100,000 euros.

Class 3. This class includes P2P, poker networks, betting exchanges and gaming portals. The paid-up share capital for this class is 40,000 euros.

Class 4. This class is intended for software vendors who want to provide hosting and management of objects on their platform. The paid-up share capital for this class is 40,000 euros.

The authorized capital can be paid after the registration of the company, but not later than the license is issued. 


How do I apply for a license?

The application is submitted on the website of the Licensees Relationship Management System (LRMS). To do this, you need to register and log in to your personal account. Users can monitor the status of requests in real time.

For how long are complaints from players in an online casino with a Maltese license being considered?

Online casinos that have the right to gambling in Malta must:

1)   immediately consider controversial issues from players;

2)   within 10 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, authorized person informs the user about the results of consideration of the request.

Provided that more time is needed to study controversial issues, the company can extend the time for another 10 days.

What types of licenses are available?

The Authority may issue licenses of the following categories:

  • Gaming Service license: a business to consumer license to offer or carry out a gaming service;
  • Critical Gaming Supply license: a business-to-business license to provide or carry out a critical gaming supply.