Zombie Appeal. How ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Became the New Hot Show of the Year

Zombie Appeal. How ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Became the New Hot Show of the Year

It seems that the latest South Korean drama, ‘All of Us Are Dead,’ is currently beating its opponents in setting a new record on Netflix across the United States. The series that has amassed insane popularity is based on the webtoon under the name of ‘Now at Our School’ by Joo Dong-Geun. The concept of the series revolves around a group of high school students who try to find a way out of campus that has suddenly turned into a hotspot of zombie activity.

Based on the observations recently made by the astute reviewers from MBN (orig. 매일경제), the show has managed to bring a perfect mix of high school drama and the unforgiving prospect of a zombie apocalypse to the screens. The episodes, filled with the proverbial gore and peril, top the charts of the daily Top 10 list on US Netflix. With the recent success of Netflix shows like Squid Game, South Korea now owns the privilege of streaming series that were not originally made for American viewers and did not feature English as the first language.

The show dedicated to the zombie apocalypse reached the streaming summit on the seventh day after its original release. For those who are curious about the content of the show, a spoiler-free synopsis is provided. ‘All of Us Are Dead’ is a strange, original mix of teen romance and bloody battleground tactics: after the local school has conducted a scientific experiment, things have started to go downhill.

The place is now filled with zombies, and the remaining students need to find a way to escape as they avoid a horde of the infected.  No special training is provided: the survivors have to use what supplies the school has left them as defense tools against the approaching darkness. One of the actors starring in the series confessed the cast did their best to convey the vibe of a modern South Korean school to the screen since the original release of the popular webtoon occurred over a decade ago.

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