Multi-Hand Blackjack

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Multi-Hand Blackjack

Play Multi-Hand Blackjack Online

Some gamblers become bored when they play single-hand blackjack for long. World-known online casino software developers cater to such gamblers’ preferences and offer them a choice from numerous multi-hand blackjack variations. They allow the players to spread their actions to several betting circles.

The major rules of multi-hand blackjack do not differ from the ones in the classic blackjack. The goal is to get a total as close to 21 as possible without surpassing 21. The cards have the same value as they do in the basic game. The gamblers compete against the dealer and should make their decisions considering his up card and the total of a particular hand.

The main difference is that in multi-hand blackjack, the gamblers can make various moves and place more bets due to playing up to five hands. The maximum number of supported hands depends on the variation. For example, Play’n Go and Betsoft offer multi-hand blackjack titles with a maximum of just three betting spots. During the session, all hands are all played separately, and the gambler’s wagers do not need to be the same. The gambler plays the hands in order from the one dealt to the first-base spot and proceeding to the left one.

On most online gambling platforms, additional rules exist depriving the gamblers of the chance to surrender but allowing them to take insurance against the dealer’s Ace. A standard payout for blackjack is 3/2.

It is not possible to provide all the specific rules because they differ depending on the chosen variation. While some dealers hit soft 17, others stand on all 17. Thus, the payouts, the dealer’s peeking, the doubling rules, and other specific rules vary. Therefore, the gambler must always double-check the rules before playing.

Multi-Hand Blackjack FAQ

How is Multi-Hand Blackjack different from the classic variation?

All the payouts and rules are the same. The main and the only significant difference is that in this game, players can play with up to 5 hands simultaneously instead of just one.

What is the player’s goal in Multi-Hand Blackjack?

The goal of the player is to get a combination of cards that equal 21 in value. The closer to 21, the better, but players should not surpass 21, as this way, they will lose.

Can I play Multi-Hand Blackjack for free?

Yes, most casino providers enable players to enjoy their version of blackjack in demo mode before depositing real money.

What is the best strategy for playing Multi-Hand Blackjack?

The strategy of Multi-Hand Blackjack is the same as in the classic version of the game. Players need to observe the cards of their own and the dealer to get the best combination.