Diamond Bet Roulette

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Diamond Bet Roulette

Diamond Bet Roulette

Diamond Bet Roulette offers you a break from slots and try your luck at roulette. In this famous casino game, you have to guess which of the sectors the ball will land on. You will see a table layout for playing roulette. It is made in classic green-red-black colors. At the bottom, there will be chips that differ in value and color. The game will suit both users who are not familiar with roulette, and experienced players.


Diamond Bet Roulette has no paylines that slot machines have. Instead, you will have 37 sectors, on which the ball can stop. To receive a payout, you will need to guess the color or number of the winning sector. The best sector is the one that depicts a diamond. In addition, the game features exciting side bets.


First, you have to decide on the rate. You will have chips of various denominations – from 1 to 10. You can choose the desired number of chips and transfer them to the sector of your choice. Your task will be to guess where exactly the ball will stop. After you place your bet, you will need to press the ‘Spin’ button. When the wheel finishes spinning you will see the winning number. If you win this round, all winnings are paid out instantly.


Diamond Bet Roulette has several additional features. Next to the zero sector, you will see a field that depicts a diamond. If the ball lands on it, you can get a solid jackpot. The re-bet mode allows players to make the previous round’s bet without having to re-collect all the chips they need. In addition, there are buttons for canceling and clearing the history on the control panel. With their help, you can remove the placed bet and delete the history of the rounds.

Diamond Bet Roulette FAQ

What is the special feature of Diamond Bet Roulette?

The Diamond side bet is the game’s most thrilling aspect. It enables you to apply for bigger payments and the jackpot. The player wins the grand prize if the game ends on the blue sector.

Is it difficult to operate the game of Diamond Bet Roulette?

It’s absolutely simple to figure out how everything works thanks to some useful features. When the Lucky Number function is activated, the game will place bets on all adjacent numbers when a number is selected for a wager. The game will wager on all numbers within the same line and column if the Quick Bet feature is used. Additionally, the game offers Autoplay and Turbo Mode to skip the spinning motion.

How can I win playing Diamond Bet Roulette?

For this game variant of roulette, any known methods are applicable. A player considerably boosts his chances of winning big payouts in any round by making a diamond wager.