Cupid & Psyche

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Cupid & Psyche

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Ancient Greece, Romance

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5 Reels
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Scatter Symbol
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Cupid & Psyche

Cupid & Psyche Slot Review

The myth of the love of Cupid (Eros, Cupid) and Psyche is one of the most beautiful stories of romantic relationships in the legends of the ancient Greeks. We will not retell it here since it cannot be done in a nutshell, and significant digressions from the main topic of the review would be superfluous. If you are interested in this legend, you can easily find it on the Internet or in thematic literature, and we will immediately move on to the review of the Cupid & Psyche video slot, which developers created from Bally Technologies based on the myth.

How to Play

The game has special reels, the total number of which is five, and also has four rows with various pictures. Moreover, the slot has specific lines of which there are forty pieces and which are actually active.

It should be noted that their number is unchanged. In addition, the online game has prize bonuses, special pictures, and other options. It is also important that the player’s bet on a certain line can be equal to a coefficient from 1 cent to 10 euros, and as for the spin, the maximum “investment” can be equal to 4 euros.

Actually, in order for the slot to give out a certain combination, at least three symbols with the same abbreviation are required. It is necessary that these indicators fall out at one moment on the line that is currently active, starting from the very first special reel located on the left side.

The slot machine has a table in which a certain coefficient is indicated; by multiplying it by the bet, the winning combination is determined. It is worth noting that the slot also has the so-called “higher” combination, which actually represents a win. As for the maximum multiplier, it is x1000.


Each reel has original images; these can be both legendary heroes and “representatives” of an ordinary card deck. Also, each player can use special abbreviations, namely Scatter, which means target, and Wild, Psyche. Now let’s actually analyze each of them, so:

  • Wild is not only a kind of “carrier” of the payout, actually producing combinations of the winning direction with high coefficient levels, but also has the possibility of a certain replacement for other simple symbols. It is worth noting that this kind of process is possible only if it is directly in the required position;
  • The scatter can greatly increase the bet itself, but only if 3, 4, or such symbols fall out, regardless of the position located on the reels. Moreover, such “luck” allows the player to get 12 free spins. Actually, in them, the bet that fell out of the spin, which was the last one, produces its “activity.” But such a bet is made by itself while the player receives payments.


The Cupid & Psyche video slot is interesting for its unusual theme, exciting features, and bright design (although the graphics are not particularly spectacular). The disadvantages of the model include a low percentage of return.

Cupid & Psyche FAQ

What minimum and maximum bets are in Cupid and Psyche slot?

The game offers multiple bet levels from $0.01 per payline to a maximum of $10 per payline.

What bonuses can I get in Cupid and Psyche slot?

There are 12 games to win in the Bullseye bonus game and a 3x multiplier. Four Bullseyes give you 12 free games, and your multiplier goes up to 10. Five Bullseyes and your 12 free games give you a 25x multiplier.

Is it possible to play Cupid and Psyche for free?

Yes! You can play this slot in the demo to better understand its functions.

Why should I play Cupid and Psyche slot?

This slot will captivate you with an interesting theme of ancient Greece, stunning graphics, and a lot of bonuses.