How to Choose the Game by Your Temperament Type

How to Choose the Game by Your Temperament Type

With the rapid development of digital technologies, video games have become incredibly popular. Today, the world of gaming involves multiple themes and genres. This makes it difficult for players to choose the most suitable title.

Below, we will share some interesting considerations with you. Feel free to use them while choosing a video game for yourself.

General Classification of Temperament Types

All people are different. And they all have their own preferences and expectations. What if you can pick up a game based on your personality? There are four major temperament types to distinguish:

  • Sanguine – Outgoing and extroverted people with a positive attitude to life. Being helpful overall, they are excellent team players. They can be extremely talkative and active which might seem overwhelming to others.
  • Choleric – These people are focused on their goals. They always build up plans and stick to them until those are completed. They demonstrate a positive demeanor that makes them move forward all the time.
  • Melancholic – Rule followers may seem depressed but they are actually cautious about their actions. They are literally obsessed with understanding what is right and what is wrong. No wonder they always pay attention to detail, which turns them into perfectionists.
  • Phlegmatic – Service-oriented people that demonstrate introverted personality traits. They are ready to work with others on the way to achieving common goals. They may seem passive in their actions due to their lack of ambitions.

Most people in their lifetime try their luck in gambling, but only a smaller portion of them gets difficulties in this sphere. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that individual characteristics play an important role in the development of gambling habits. In fact, temperament traits have a direct impact on the gambler’s behavioral patterns. This problem has been researched by the team of Slotogate. It took us time and effort to make our own conclusions in this regard. Now, we are ready to share them with you.

Many temperament traits, such as unfriendliness, aggression, self-devaluation, introversion, and interpersonal sensibility, are considered to be highly associated with online gambling. These traits are part of the choleric personality. Being the most spontaneous personality type, choleric people act according to their current state of soul. They can smile at you now, and shout at you at the very next moment. You never know what to expect from them, which isn’t a very good thing in gambling.

Choleric people like being challenged both intellectually and emotionally. But this exact feeling pushes them towards unthoughtful actions. Once they lose once, twice, or thrice, they keep betting to achieve the desired result. Unfortunately, this often leads to huge losses.

Perfect Games for Different Temperament Types

Now that you are familiar with the major temperament types, you can use this knowledge for gambling purposes. Let’s see the games that might suit your personality.

  • Choleric people are quick-tempered, especially in gambling. It is hard for them to stop on time, which often plays a bad joke on him. This is why they should go with the simplest option – slot machines. To play slot machines, no special knowledge and skills are required. With the “autoplay” feature, the gambling process can be automatized completely.
  • Phlegmatic people are successful in card games due to their ability to keep a cold mind. Being rare guests in roulette and other games, they usually rely on luck rather than individual skills. Being calm and patient, they can try their chances in table games like baccarat and blackjack. Thanks to excellent analytical skills, they can build up strategies and keep them to themselves. They make it difficult for opponents to read their thoughts. So they are able to act carefully even in the most complicated situations.
  • Sanguine peopleare unpredictable in their choices and in their decisions. You never know what to expect from them next. They can enjoy a fast and easy game of jackpot. It doesn’t require a lot of brainpower to become a winner. By choosing a random number or a series of numbers, players need to wait for the final result. In some cases, they just need to spin the reel to get the jackpot result. When it comes to progressive jackpots, sanguine people can make a huge profit reaching millions of dollars. It’s an excellent option for any social events or even team building in the gambling community.
  • Melancholic people are the least prone to gambling, as they can hardly bear defeats. Generally, they don’t like unpredictable things. They want to keep things under control throughout the gaming process. Poker can be a reasonable option for this type of temperament. This game doesn’t rely purely on individual luck. Instead, it requires a certain level of competence from gamblers. This includes poker strategies, tactics, and other nuances that help them act accurately in various situations.

If you are close to a sanguine type of personality, it doesn’t mean that you must play jackpot all the time. You are free to experiment with different genres of games. The world of gambling is too big to limit yourself to one game only. Take the above information as a recommendation that might make your gambling experience more delightful. The final choice is all yours.

Summing Up

The research by Slotogate does make sense. You may even use it for personal purposes. But you shouldn’t take it as the final factor in a decision-making process. Our research results are relative. We have just shed the light on the general problem of personality in gambling. Thus, there are many mixed temperament types that haven’t been covered.

So feel like trying your luck today? Excellent! Just make sure you make the right choice. After all, you don’t want to get stuck playing the wrong kind of game! Once you have found the one that suits your personality best, you can get started immediately. Fun is guaranteed! Believe us!