Gambling Market in Numbers 2021: Key Figures and Statistics

Gambling Market in Numbers 2021: Key Figures and Statistics

The Danish Gambling Authority, an independent agency known for monitoring the gambling market in Denmark and providing constant support to the players, has introduced the audience to the annual report “The Gambling Market in Numbers 2021″. The Danish Gambling Authority, widely recognized for its ability to protect citizens against illegal gambling and secure proper gambling rules, decided to continue its European cooperation by collecting key figures reflecting the state of the Danish gambling arena in 2021.

It should be noted that this is not the first time the Danish Gambling Authority, regulated by the Danish Ministry of Taxation, has delivered a report featuring similar statistics. It also provides a thorough review of major advancements pertaining to various gambling spheres.

You can check out the document at this link. The following record contains the original 2021 version of the report with the research on the gambling market in Denmark as well as figures for ROFUS and StopSpillet.

ROFUS stands for the Danish Gambling Authority’s Register of Self-Excluded Players, while compulsive gamblers that seek timely support online can reach StopSpillet as a helpline.

The 2021 report features separate sections displaying the correlation between bet frequency and the European Football Championship that was hosted last year. The 2021 version shows a distinct rise of interest in placing gambling bets that coincides with the Danish National Team taking part in the championship. On the days when the national team did not participate, the decline in placing wagers was reported by the Danish Gambling Authority, monitoring the event.