Danish Gambling Authority Gaming License

Danish Gambling Authority Gaming License is considered as one of the most authoritative regulators in the gaming industry. Many online casinos are operating from within its jurisdiction. The presence of Danish Gambling Authority Gaming License is not an empty word. Once players see Danish Gambling Authority Gaming License mentioned on the casino’s website, they can take it as a guarantee of safety and security.


Casinos that Work Under Danish Gambling Authority License in United States
Updated on May, 2022

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Danish Gambling Authority

Even though Denmark is a tiny nation according to European standards, it achieves exceptional results in terms of economic and social development, confirming its position as the world’s fourth most developed country, according to the human development index. According to a study done in 2016, Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. This involves a good level of living as well as a diverse selection of leisure activities.

You probably won’t see many gambling websites with this license, which is understandable as the DGA license has very strict requirements and is only valid in Denmark. According to statistics, just 13% of the population is interested in online gambling, resulting in a relatively tiny prospective consumer base.

Lotteries are quite popular in Denmark: over 43% of the population participates in them, and they require a DGA license as well. As a result, only lotteries-focused companies are obtaining a Danish Gambling Authority license.  Online casinos usually prefer not to due to Denmark`s small client base and high taxation.

The Danish Gambling Authority is a government agency that oversees all forms of gambling in Denmark, including Internet casinos. It was founded in 2012. Only the government providers can offer bingo and scratch card games, which are not covered by the license. Lotteries, brick-and-mortar casinos, sports betting, and Internet casino games are all covered by a DGA license. A Danish Gambling Authority license is automatically granted to an online casino that holds an Alderney Gambling Commission license.

Danish Gambling License

Commercial gaming operations will be illegal unless formal approval is obtained from the competent government. Licensing for gaming enterprises is handled by the Ministry of Justice. Since 2012, a specialized Office for Gambling has been issuing licenses to people and legal companies that have demonstrated an interest in conducting commercial operations in the gambling services sector, according to legislative standards. The following are the license terms:

  • giving a comprehensive benefit argument for undertaking commercial activity;
  • the founder is 21 years old and has no criminal background;
  • company’s clean commercial reputation;
  • pay the fee, which is $ 37,000 for online casinos and betting organizations and $ 52,000 for both types of commercial operations, which may be made in local currency;
  • the licensing fee might range from $7,400 to $220,000.

Licensing includes regular audits. Licensee must provide players` history of actions, including deposits, transactions, bets. The information regarding game results, as well as server logs, should be available for five years.


Is it safe to play at Denmark-licensed casinos?

Yes. One of the main goals of the Danish Gambling Authority is to provide safe gambling. The authority even provided players with a service where you can self-exclude yourself from all Danish casinos if you have a feeling that your fun becomes an addiction. The hotline regarded to responsible gambling is also provided.

Can land-based casinos be found in Denmark?

Yes. For some time, there was a state monopoly for casinos, but now a few well-known companies provide casino services across Denmark. There are also government regulations for land-based casinos, and the authority performs inspections on a regular basis.

How does responsible gambling policy work?

If a player signs up for a self-exclusion list and limits his gaming to 3 hours per week, the casinos must take action to keep track of hours spent. This is a complication for the casinos since the government, not the casinos, is in charge of this list. If you are a player with several gaming accounts and you want to stop playing but you can`t – you may register on this list and expect all casinos to help your self-exclusion.