Double Attack Blackjack

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Double Attack Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack – An Exciting Variant of 21

Double Attack Blackjack is a variation of twenty-one that is popular in Atlantic City, but it is not that easy to find it in online casinos. Nonetheless, those players who get a chance to play it online will not regret it, as this is quite an exciting version with different twists and many rules that are favorable for users and not dealers.

The Main Features of Double Attack Blackjack

Similar to Spanish 21, 10s are removed from the deck of cards in Double Attack Blackjack, and this small change triggers quite interesting rules. The game is played with six, seven, or eight decks. However, each deck contains 48 cards instead of 52.

The way this version of blackjack is played does not differ much from other variants. Thus, players should determine the size of the bet and place it. After that, hands are dealt, and the biggest fun begins as players should decide what to do with their hands. The potential actions are as follows:

  • Hit and get an extra card.
  • Stand and continue playing with two cards in a hand.
  • Double down and place one more bet that can be equal to or less than the initial bet. It is possible to double down on many cards.
  • Surender and quit the hand.
  • Split if the hand consists of a pair.

As soon as players are finished with their actions, a dealer shows his or her hole’s card. If a dealer has 17 or more, he or she stands. Otherwise, a dealer should hit.

The quite interesting rule is that players get even bets if they beat a dealer, but if a dealer wins, the house takes all bets.

Double Attack Blackjack: Special Rules

One such unique rule is the possibility to double their bet after they see a dealer’s faceup card. Moreover, Insurance gives a higher payout than it is in other blackjack variants. However, blackjack hand pays less.

One more interesting feature is the side bet called “Bustit”. Players who place it receive payouts if dealer busts on three cards. Wins are as follows:

  • Suited 8-8-8 gives 500:1
  • 8-8-8 that are of the same color are worth 50:1
  • Busted on 16 pays 15:1
  • Busted on 15 gives 10:1
  • Busted on 14 rewards 8:1
  • Busted on 13: gives 6:1
  • Busted on 12 pays 3:1

Double Attack Blackjack FAQ

How many decks are used in Double Attack Blackjack?

This game is played with six to eight decks, but the number of cards in one deck is 48, as 10s are removed. This feature makes Double Attack Blackjack similar to Spanish 21.

Does a dealer stand on hard 17 in Double Attack Blackjack?

Yes, a dealer should stand both on hard and soft 17 in this version of blackjack.

What payouts are given for Insurance in Double Attack Blackjack?

This card game gives an Insurance payout of 5:2.

Are there any side bets in Double Attack Blackjack?

Yes, players can take advantage of “Bustit” side bet that gives them a chance to receive a payout if dealer busts. The size of the payout depends on the busted hand.