Swedish Gambling Authority Gaming License

Swedish Gambling Authority Gaming License is considered as one of the most authoritative regulators in the gaming industry. Many online casinos are operating from within its jurisdiction. The presence of Swedish Gambling Authority Gaming License is not an empty word. Once players see Swedish Gambling Authority Gaming License mentioned on the casino’s website, they can take it as a guarantee of safety and security.


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Updated on May, 2022

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Swedish Gambling Authority

The Swedish Gambling Authority is a new regulatory body that provides licenses to online casinos across Sweden. While it is still relatively new, it already has a strong reputation since it has quickly announced some radical measures to protect Swedish players from malicious operations. The SGA is controlled by the Ministry of Finance.

It performs a number of tasks, among which is providing players with the resources and tools that help keep a balanced and fair gambling market. At the same time, it focuses on minimizing the negative social effect caused by gambling. For example, SGA is committed to combating gambling addiction.


The Swedish Gambling Authority works with relevant law enforcement agencies to reduce the number of platforms that are in the black market. It is also responsible for providing licenses for national lotteries, slots, restaurants, and casinos.

Additionally, it supervises gambling and lottery operations. The SGA also provides training to operators on gambling and lottery legislation. To keep the government informed, the regulatory body provides updates to the government on the news in both local and global gaming markets.

Responsible gambling

Like every other gambling regulator, the SGA requires all the platforms to provide their users with some specific gambling tools. They argue that a licensed online casino has to protect users from excessive gambling. This includes tracking behavior and, if there is a necessity, helping users to limit their gambling activities. It is worth noting that, unlike other jurisdictions, the SGA only allows casinos to offer bonuses to players at the first opportunity to gamble.

Gambling Websites Licensed by the SGA

Until recent times, online gambling was under a state monopoly. It means that only state casinos were permitted to operate legally in Sweden. While foreign websites were still accepting users from Sweden, they could not apply for a proper license and go outside the gray zone.

The new rules have been in force since 2018. In 2018, Sweden allowed interested foreign and domestic gambling platforms to apply for domestic licenses from the Swedish authority. Such a decision had a dual purpose. All unlicensed online casinos could be expelled from the country, and it provided better protection for the gamblers by thoroughly monitoring the behavior of the operators with permits.

FAQ about Online Gambling in Sweden

Is gambling legal in Sweden?

Yes, since 2019, all forms of gambling have been legal in this country if they hold a license from the Swedish Gambling Authority.

Are there any bonuses available to regular players in Swedish online casinos?

Unfortunately, no. The reformed law prohibits online casinos from offering bonuses and promos to players except for the welcome bonus. Therefore, all casinos that hold a Swedish license must adhere to this rule.

For how long the Swedish Gambling Authority has been on the market?

The SGA has been there since 2019. This makes it still a relatively young authority.

Are users from Sweden responsible for playing at unlicensed online casinos?

No, players are not subject to any sanctions for participating in unlicensed gambling. However, they may need to pay tax on winnings they have gained through such gambling.