Top Slot Streamers in 2022: Where to Watch Live Broadcasts?

Top Slot Streamers in 2022: Where to Watch Live Broadcasts?

Live streams allow you to watch live broadcasts on mobile and desktop devices. So you don’t miss anything, from the moment players spin the reel till the moment they get massive wins.

Casino streamers have been around since about 2015. However, they have achieved the major attention only recently. Gambling sites to stream from include online casinos with a great collection of slot games. Competition between sites can be aggressive, which makes them apply different marketing techniques to attract new players.

Once you sign up to the streamer’s site, you will be able to join giveaways. Other competitions may also be offered from time to time.

Top 6 Live Streaming Channels

With a great number of slot streamers in the market, it is difficult to say which one can be trusted. To make your life easier, we have collected the best options in the streaming community.

1. CasinoDaddy (Twitch)

The channel is managed by professionals who want to make the world of casinos more diverse. It currently involves 170k followers and thousands of viewers. The team of Swedish streamers is incredibly active, with some streams lasting over ten hours. They get together to play a wide range of games, from classic slots to video poker.

2. Roshtein (Twitch)

The slots streamer started his activities in 2016. Since then, he has reached 950K followers and almost 12,000 average viewers. Roshtein has experienced great wins and shared upsetting losses with his audience. Once he even hit a $2.5 million jackpot on the Pragmatic Play’s Fruit Party slot.

3. AngelMelly (Twitch)

AngelMelly is the first female casino streamer that has been added to the list. With 288K followers, she is considered to be one of the strongest contenders. Apart from classic slot streams, she also has a YouTube channel where she focuses on singing and reaction videos.

4. Tyceno (Twitch)

Tyceno is a streamer that combines video games with casino games. With 616k followers, he has become one of the best 2k gamers in the world. Through the cooperation with Roobet, he keeps his gaming content relevant.

5. AyeZee (Twitch)

AyeZee is a Lebanese-South African slots broadcaster who has created over 1,000 hours of casino-gaming content. Since 2019, he has gained almost 140K followers. The channel’s reliability is associated with transparency of financial operations and availability of cryptocurrency accounts.

6. VonDice (Twitch)

Being of the most charming streamers in the streaming community, VonDice has almost 150K followers. His positive attitude toward the gaming process makes him interesting to watch. Fans of slots will have a chance to interact with the streamer while he is playing slots with one of his partners – SlotV and Stake Casinos.

How Streamers Make a Profit?

Most slot streamers don’t do their job just for fun. They actually earn money. So are those streams real or fake? Viewers always want to know how this works.

Many streamers like The Bandit earn a considerable amount of money from their affiliate sign-ups that they actually can afford to deposit into. For example, a slot streamer may provide viewers with recommendations. If they then go and sign up to that casino via a special link, then the streamer gets a financial reward from the casino. This can be a fixed fee for every new casino subscriber or a percentage of player losses. It all depends on the affiliate deal that the streamer sets up with the casino.

What Are Fake Streamers?

The above slot streamers are legit. They play slot games using their own money. However, there are some exceptions. Fake streamers are lying to their audience by pretending to use their own money while actually using casino funds instead.

The most popular way of cheating is to play with demo funds. After registration, they switch on the demo mode and start the gameplay. Without spending a single cent, they seem to play a real slot game and win real money. When it comes to payouts, streamers obviously don’t get anything.

We all can pretend to throw ourselves at risk while playing in demo mode. But this approach is totally unethical. Once the truth is revealed, the number of viewers goes down automatically. The audience loses any interest in fake live streamers who convince them to play for real money while spending no cent themselves.

When you decide to watch slot streamers, make sure that they are playing for real money. Simply ask them for proof of deposits. Well-reputed and well-trusted streamers usually don’t have problems with this kind of request. They demonstrate their bank/EWallet statement of the deposits and withdrawals in a second. Those who have something to hide will surely decline your request.

Let’s be honest, fake streamers won’t go anywhere in the nearest future. By revealing their nature, we can make them lose their audience. Don’t forget that a safe gambling environment is in our hands.