BMM Testlabs Certified as iGaming Testing Facility in Ontario

BMM Testlabs Certified as iGaming Testing Facility in Ontario

BMM Testlabs has been recognized as an Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). It is now responsible for various testing and compliance services for online gaming products in the region. A new status is revealing new opportunities associated with expanded jurisdictional reach and world-class services.

Official Approval

The decision to assign the ITL status to BMM Testlabs was made in April 2021. However, the license itself was officially issued in July 2021.

Travis Foley, CTO/EVP, expressed the company’s pride in receiving a new title and expanding the market coverage. Even though BMM Testlabs has been involved in the gaming industry for years, it has more power to help its partners navigate the regulatory landscape now.

The Oldest Independent iGaming Private Laboratory

BMM Testlabs is known as the oldest Independent Testing Lab in the world. It has been on the market for 40 years (since 1981). And it doesn’t plan to rest on its laurels.

BMM Testlabs is focused on innovative approaches, which makes it a top choice for testing services. Being certified in more than 400 jurisdictions, it has the right to share its expertise in the gaming industry. It is currently operating in 13 countries with 14 locations worldwide. It also keeps following the highest standards in the gaming services and looking for new areas for development.

BMM Testlabs provides the top gaming testing and certification services in different business segments. These include:

  • Sports Wagering
  • iGaming
  • Games Testing
  • Casino Management Systems
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cybersecurity Services
  • Professional Consulting Services etc.

The sports betting, igaming, and gambling markets keep increasing their capabilities. Cooperation with BMM Testlabs is the guarantee of smooth entrance to the local market. This company knows how to navigate its partners through the regulatory environment.

Market Expansion in 2021

After conquering the markets of Canada and the United States, BMM Testlabs decided to continue its expansion to European countries. In January 2021, the company received approval for casino markets in Greece and Netherlands. The time will show what perks BMM Testlabs has to offer to European customers.