Top 9 Casino Secrets that Will Astonish You from Insiders

Top 9 Casino Secrets that Will Astonish You from Insiders

Casinos are pretty straightforward in that they are there to entertain gamblers and separate them from their money, not for making them rich. However, casinos do have secrets they do not want players to know. But thanks to the ability to share stories anonymously, some casino insiders have revealed some astonishing casino secrets. Here are the top 9 craziest secrets, straight from the mouth of people working in the industry.

Everything That Surrounds You Is Aimed to Keep You in the Casino

Anyone who has spent time in a casino knows they are designed in such a way to make players lose track of time. You will not find any clocks or windows in casinos. Some casinos even use desperate and sexy measures to keep players there. They have stripper poles, party girls, and much more. Any casino in Las Vegas now looks like a gentlemen’s club, keeping the guys at the table.

Slot Graphics and Sounds Are Designed to Make Gamblers Feel Happy

Did you know that slot machine providers have a team of psychologists and researchers providing advice on colors, sounds, graphics, and movements that are better used in games to make gamblers feel happy? Have you ever wondered why the slots’ soundtracks do not sound awful together with all the casino noise? That is because all of them are written in the same musical key, C Major. The notes do not clash, keeping gamblers in a good mood for longer.

It is good for you if you are playing only to entertain yourself and know your limits in budget. In such a case, why not play a slot machine that is designed to make you happy? On the other hand, it is not OK when it comes to problem players who do not know when to stop and are chasing that happy feeling provided by the game. This is a two-way street, and casinos rarely want people to know this since this does not sound very good.

Casinos Offer Free Room and Board

When a player spends enough cash at a specific casino, it often offers complimentary meals and even a free stay at the adjoining hotel. In such a situation, the gambler does not have to leave the casino even to sleep and eat. Furthermore, when a player wakes up the next day, there is a big probability he/she will gamble more.

Casinos Place Their Bathrooms Strategically

The first things you will see in a casino are gaming tables and machines. Contrary to most establishments’ approach, casinos place their bathrooms deep within the building, not conveniently near the doors. So, if one needs to go to the toilet, he or she needs to head deeper into the casino and past multiple slot machines.

The Smoking Ban Costs Casinos Millions

Smoking usually goes hand-in-hand with gambling, so many casinos took financial hits in the millions per quarter with the smoking ban. One insider claims the casino lost $20 million in a quarter. Due to the tribal law, it was able to lift the ban, but others lost out really much money.

Security Can Tell When Someone Is Cheating

People who play poker have “tells,” behaviors that give away a certain action or intention. Cheaters and card counters have tells, too. But security knows what to look out for.

Among these typical tells is strange or extreme money management. For example, someone is betting $50 for three or four hands, then suddenly, bets $5,000. This may be an indicator a person is receiving information: maybe he/she can see the hole card, or is card counting, or is tracking a clump of cards. Cheaters are waiting for a certain condition to arrive in the game, so they usually play minimally until that change happens, and once it happens, they hit.

Another common “tell” is two guys sitting close together. Usually, two guys playing blackjack at one table do not sit together. When security sees it, it is a potential sign that they may be secretly switching cards.

Some People Do Not Stop for Bathroom Breaks

There are hundreds of stories about this. Apparently, gamblers are so engrossed in a game or so committed to finally hitting the win that they wear adult diapers to keep gambling without breaks. However, some do not even wear diapers. Some leave puddles or piles in the seats when they leave.

Video Slots Pay Out Less than Classic Slots

The thing is video slot machines are more entertaining, draw more attention, and cost the casinos much more to run and maintain. They often take up two to three times the amount of space than classic slots. The casinos often dial down the payout rate on video slots to maximize profits, so they still make enough money on them. So, if you are looking for better chances to win, it is better to stick to the classic slots.

Progressive Jackpots Do Not Cost Casinos Anything

Every player dreams of winning a huge jackpot. Actually, these are a great deal like casino comps programs. Casinos are not putting up the money for them. Progressive jackpot games are created in such a way that the casino takes a small part of each bet and puts it into the jackpot. The sum of the jackpot increases as more bets are made. This way, all the money that makes the progressive jackpot grow comes directly from the players.


Like any other business, casinos’ aim is to make money. Casino owners do everything they can to make them more profitable. Now that you know these nine casino secrets, you can gamble as an informed player.