Roulette Diamond

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Roulette Diamond

Roulette Diamond from Playtech: Basic Game Features

Playtech has released a whole series of roulette games in different versions. One of the most interesting titles is the online game fully known as Premier Roulette Diamond Edition. The manufacturer has always been famous for its close attention to detail, so Premier Roulette DE will not disappoint anyone.

Online roulette ensures maximum immersion in the gameplay and makes the user experience firsthand everything that happens on the screen.

Undoubtedly, this HTML5 game can boast rich functionality and modern, advanced graphics. This time, the specialists from Playtech managed to surpass themselves by releasing something amazing with 3D graphics.

The mesmerizing spinning of the wheel, the realistic sound, and the company’s proprietary software features do their job. Therefore, the online game Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is in demand in all online casinos where it is available.

Theme & Graphics

In this famous casino game, gamblers have to guess at which sector the ball will stop. In front of the screen, they will see a scheme of a roulette table. It is made in classic green-red-and-black colors. At the bottom, they will notice chips that are different in value and color.

To run Diamond Bet Roulette, there is no need to install any third-party programs. All you need is a web browser. That being said, the game opens instantly and never freezes. Players looking for a fun free game who are not daunted by high volatility – look no further than Diamond Bet Roulette! It will suit both unfamiliar roulette users and experienced players.


There are no winning lines in Diamond Bet Roulette like in video slots. Instead, there will be 37 sectors in front of a player on which the ball can stop. To get a payout, it is necessary to guess the color or number of the winning sector.

The best sector is the one with the diamond on it. Moreover, there are exciting additional bets in the game!


First, it is important to decide on the bet. A player will have chips of different values from one to ten in front of them. They can choose the desired number of chips and move them to the chosen sector. The task will be to guess where the ball stops. After placing a bet, press the Spin button to start spinning the wheel. After a few seconds, the wheel will finish spinning. A player will then see the winning number. If they win in this round, all winnings are paid out instantly.

Roulette Diamond FAQ

What is the return to the player in Roulette Diamond?

The RTP here sits at 97.56% as opposed to 97.30%.

Are multipliers present Roulette Diamond?

x15, x20, x25, x30, x35, x40, x45, x50, x60, to x100 (which is the Jackpot).

Is Roulette Diamond from Playtech safe to play?

In 2001, the manufacturer received its first license. By 2006, the company’s shares were listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). It proves that gamblers can trust games from Playtech.

How fast does a player get a payout in Roulette Diamond?

All winnings in this game are paid out instantly.

What is the HE in Roulette Diamond?

The house edge in this game equals 4.61% – 7.89%.