Double Twist Blackjack

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Double Twist Blackjack

Play Double Twist Blackjack Online for Free

The Double Twist Blackjack side wager is made up of the three-card poker hands that are created by the dealer’s up card and the player’s initial 2 cards from their blackjack hand. If a player’s three-card hand has a poker value of a Pair or higher, they win. Participants can place bets on 2 distinct blackjack hands and 2 different three-card bonuses using the table arrangement. A multitude of pay tables can be used to play the table game.


Players must make a bet in either one of the two blackjack boxes. This bet will define which blackjack hand the player is betting on. Each blackjack position with a bet on it will receive 2 face-up cards from the dealer, who will also receive 1 face-up and 1 face-down card.

Gamers who have bet on one of the blackjack combinations have the choice to place a bonus bet that corresponds to that blackjack hand by putting a reward bet above the blackjack circle in the area called Blackjack Bonus.

Participants must get a Pair or greater by playing their first 2 cards plus the dealer’s one-up card for a combination of three cards in order to receive a bonus payout. According to a paytable, the participant is compensated based on the greatest single payoff for a 3-card poker hand they obtain. If a player’s three-card poker hand totals below a Pair, they lose their bonus wager. Just the 4 player cards are used in the alternate version of the blackjack game, and the player hands with a pair of sixes or greater wins.

Flushes that have three of a kind can be classified as a “three of a kind suited” hand with a special payoff or just as three of a kind. Pair flushes will be classified as flushes instead of the smaller hands if they are flushes as well.


Users must make their bets on the area defined as the Jackpot in order to get a Progressive Jackpot bonus payoff. Players that gamble on both blackjack positions and obtain a hand of Jacks or greater by combining both of their hands of blackjack, and a total of four cards, plus the dealer’s up card, are eligible for a Progressive Jackpot payment.

All non-winning extra bets must be collected by the dealer, and all winning bonus bets must be paid. The dealer will start dealing the next round when all blackjack and bonus bets have been resolved.

Double Twist Blackjack FAQ

Is it necessary to play both hands or side bets in Double Twist Blackjack?

Although the player is not required to play both hands or place side bets, he should first place a wager to play one or both hands in order to make a side bet available.

When the house edge is relatively high in Double Twist Blackjack?

The number of decks employed in the gameplay will significantly change the house edge. When more decks are applied, the house edge gets smaller.

What should I do to win playing Double Twist Blackjack?

The sum a player should expect to lose will grow if to choose the wrong strategy or participate at a table that differs from an accepted norm. To maximize the value of your wallet, make sure to hunt for sessions that are being played with 8 decks.