Double Down Stud Poker

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Double Down Stud Poker

Play Double Down Stud Poker Online for Free

Double Down Stud Poker is a simplified version of Let It Ride. In this game, the house edge is only 2.67%.

The game takes place at a semi-circular gambling table and 2 boxes for each player’s bets. Double Down is often played at the Caribbean Stud table. All players play against the online casino. If there are several players at the gambling table, they do not have the right to show their cards to each other.

Players place an initial ante bet. The player’s cards and all community cards are treated as a single poker hand, and if they made any prize combo, the dealer pays the player the prize money, otherwise, the player loses his all bets.


A regular deck containing 52 cards is used. The cards are shuffled before each new game. All players make their own combinations by connecting their card with 4 community cards. The dealer only deals cards to players, shuffles the deck, collects lost money, and pays out winnings.

Before the start of a new game, all players make bets – ante. The dealer deals one card to each player and places 4 community cards. Each player must decide whether to stand or double the initial ante bet, that is, play a double down. The dealer considers the player’s card and 4 community cards separately as a combination of 5 cards. If the player’s combination is less than a pair of 6, then the player loses the ante and double down if it was made. If the player has a pair of 6-10, then a draw is declared – a push, and all the bets are returned to the player. If the player has a pair of jacks, then he wins 1:1 on all his bets. If the player has 2 pairs or a higher combination, the winnings are paid according to the prize payout table.

Double Down Poker Strategy

Double your initial bet only in case if your card and the dealer’s 3 cards form one of the following combinations:

  • pair 6 or better;
  • two pairs;
  • 3 of kind;
  • 4 of kind;
  • 4 flush;
  • 4 flush royal;
  • 4 straight flush;
  • 4 straight;
  • 4 inside straight, where the Ace is the highest card.

Double Down Stud Poker FAQ

How can I win playing Double Down Stud poker?

There are 32 different ways for players to play video poker in order to win. Therefore, there is just one way to engage in the game of double down. If they want to increase their bet or not.

Is the payback of Double Down Stud poker reliable?

Following the right approach, this poker variant can then offer a payout rate of up to 98%. Casinos can manage to payout even more on each hand since the player doesn’t have an opportunity to dismiss and try to enhance the hand.

How long can I play Double Down Stud poker?

As long as you have the chips to complete the next hand, you can keep playing poker. Otherwise, you will need to add additional cash to proceed. You can also redeem any left credits and receive a redemption voucher if you wish to stop playing.