Burn 20 Blackjack

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Burn 20 Blackjack

Play Burn 20 Blackjack – Main Features and Rules

Burn 20 Blackjack is an exciting variant of a traditional blackjack game that is frequently played in Las Vegas. Nonetheless, it is also possible to find it at online casinos that offer different versions of twenty-one. Burn 20 follows all the main rules of the traditional variant, but there are several twists that make it different and sometimes more exciting.

How to Play Burn 20 Blackjack?

The rules are quite like in any other twenty-one variant. A player has to place an obligatory bet before the round begins. After that, a dealer gives two cards to each player and himself or herself. That is when a thrilling part of blackjack begins, as one should analyze his or her hand to decide what to do next. It is possible to:

  • Hit and receive an additional card to a hand.
  • Stand and remain with the same hand.
  • Split (divide one hand into two hands). This option is not always available.

The decision should be made considering the goal of the game which is to get 21 or the closest value to 21 to win in a hand. As the game is played with a deck of 52 cards, it is possible to do some mathematical calculations and make a certain game strategy.

Burn 20 Blackjack: Special Features

The list of features that make this variant of Twenty-One different from the traditional one is as follows:

  • If a dealer has a 20 hand, he or she should discard it and take the other two cards. This is the main difference between Burn 20 blackjack and the common version, and that is where the name of this variant comes from. Thus, a player never faces the situation in which a dealer plays with a hard 20.
  • Dealer discards suited blackjack (when the first card is 10 and the second card is Ace of the same suit).
  • If a dealer gets blackjack after the previous hand is discarded, the discarding continues.
  • When a dealer has 22 total, all hands that do not feature blackjack are pushed.
  • Dealer always hits on soft 17.
  • Having blackjack means getting an automatic win of 3:2.
  • It is possible to split Aces in this variant. It is necessary to have two Aces in the initial hand to use this option.
  • It is possible to double down any card’s value except for a pair of Aces.
  • Players are not allowed to surrender.
  • It is possible to use the insurance option to receive a 2:1 payout.

Burn 20 Blackjack FAQ

What is the main goal in Burn 20 Blackjack?

It is the same as in any other blackjack – to collect 21 or the closest value to it.

What does the name Burn 20 Blackjack mean?

A dealer discards the hand if it is hard 20.

Is there an insurance option in Burn 20 Blackjack?

Yes, insurance is available in this twenty-one. A player can get a 2:1 payout with its help.

Is it possible to double down in Burn 20 Blackjack?

Yes, players can double down any hand except for a pair of Aces.