Spielo Slot Machine Provider

Nowadays, gambling is gaining popularity more and more. And slot machines became one of the most favorite types of entertainment of avid players. Today, online slot machines are especially in demand.

The International Game Technology (IGT) gaming platform is a world-famous gaming company that almost every player knows about. This company also has a subsidiary called Spielo, which was previously known as Glitch G2. After the merger, the Spielo Gaming group was formed. Now it is very difficult to find worthy competitors since Spielo has a lot of experience. This also allows Spielo to become a leader on online casino platforms.

Spielo is a very well-known supplier of slot machines in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America, which provides players with a wide range of gaming products. It is already popular among both offline and online players. Of course, in land-based casinos, you can often see the machines of this company.

The international company Spielo has about 350 licenses worldwide, which is good news. This opens up the possibility of accessing Spielo slots from anywhere in the world.

Spielo Slot Machine Games

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Why Should a Player Choose Spielo Games?

It is worth noting the main differences of the developer in the approach to creating legendary games. That’s why everyone should try games from this company. The main factors are:

  • Creativity. The company really has a creative approach that helps present atypical games with a fascinating plot, for example, “Detective Chronicles” (the English version of “The Police and the Robber”). However, instead of the police chasing thieves, the essence of the game is based on a storyline in which a detective uses his brain to solve mysterious crimes.
  • Extremely unstable games. Every gamer wants to win big. In the field of gambling, the more unstable the game, the higher the winnings. If you are lucky enough to get a jackpot slot that is programmed this way, you will definitely win a decent amount of money.
  • Experience. For a long time, the company has been producing gaming software that entertained players at casinos all over the world. This means that they are able to make the best items that will be interesting to players.


Why Spielo slots are so popular among players?

Spielo games are not like any other games. Besides the fact that there is a huge number of slot machines, some of them have different themes. This pleases fans of online gambling and satisfies their needs. All Spielo slot machine games also have a mobile version. The mobile version is convenient and exciting thanks to its convenience. There is an opportunity to play slots any time, not depending on the location. Many users of Android and iPhone gadgets can enjoy the comfort of using Spielo mobile slots.

Which Spielo slot machines are considered the best?

The most popular Spielo slots are:

  • Plants vs. Zombies;
  • Knights of Glory;
  • Hells Bells;
  • Detective Chronicles;
  • Dragon’s Temple;
  • Sphinx;
  • Lost City;
  • Golden City;
  • Hot Cash;
  • Burning Ocean;

All games have different functions. For example, “Detective Chronicles” is a five-reel set dedicated to a mysterious theme. You have to help the detective solve crimes in order to get something important. If you spin the reels correctly, you enjoy getting a bonus round and free spins. Plus to these two bonuses, the following additional features can be found in the games:

  • Wild symbols;
  • Auto-play option;
  • Scatter symbols.

What is the probability of winning?

Almost all players live for the moment when they hit the jackpot. That’s probably why such games are popular in the community of players. Spielo has its share of mega-jackpot games. One of these games is Mega Kong.