Megaways: Revolutionary Mechanic for Playing from Big Time Gaming

Megaways: Revolutionary Mechanic for Playing from Big Time Gaming

Playing with Megaways. A Game Mechanic with Innovative Rules

Megaways is a brand new, sharp gameplay technique that was designed by an Australian provider Big Time Gaming. Megaways is setting the bar high for the newcomers as it introduces a strategy that involves raising the number of reels up to 7 and editing the height of the game symbols. The number of paylines continues to fluctuate with every spin: the more symbols you see on the paylines, the more likely it is to land a winning combination.

Not so long ago, the players would be overwhelmed if they were allowed 40 paylines to start with. These days, Megaways game engine providers dedicated gamblers with 117,649 ways to win. This is astonishing progress compared to the slot mechanic that was established in the past. Today, Megaways is the most renowned engine that can help increase the slot’s potential and offer new ways of winning. It was designed to remind the players that there is no need for a pre-determined number of paylines. Instead, the numbers can change with every spin.

Megaways Engine Strategies and Reels for Beginner Players

Most Megaways-based slots you can find online have 6 reels that you can work with. Every reel will contain a specific number of symbols that range from 2 to 7. General Megaways’ approach to gaming allows the players more than 100,000 ways to win.

If you take a slot with 6 reels as a classic example, the number of Megaways wins with each reel displaying 2 symbols is 324. The players don’t have to puzzle through the intricacies of the game mechanic on their own. There is no need to start calculating the number of Megaways wins as the slot does that for the gamers. You can find a counter with the precise number of Megaways on each slot as you start spinning.

In contrast to regular slots you can encounter online, Megaways slot mechanic does not require 3 or more symbols on the active payline to register a win. Instead, you have to find matching symbols on the adjacent reels starting with the first one. As soon as the players locate identical symbols on 6 reels that are scattered randomly, they get a score automatically. The win cannot be registered if there are no matching symbols found on the reels.

How to Win the Game Using Megaways Mechanic Online

With Megaways game engine, the number of wins can differ depending on the slot that you have chosen. The prize will be awarded if adjacent symbols are found from left to right. If the player is winning, the size of the reel won’t make any difference. According to the reports of the seasoned players online, the following mechanic takes time to get familiar with since the symbols do not always appear adjacent.

For instance, you can find the identical symbol on the first reel with the row of 3. Row 2 has 7 symbols with the identical symbol on place 4. In the context of the game, the symbols are not adjacent, but from the technical point of view, they are. The players can have the combination turn out diagonally or across the screen and still land a win that will be considered legitimate.

The reels that are constantly changing are not the classic strategy for the slot games in general, but they certainly add an amusing twist to the slot machine that you know. Megaways pioneered in offering a strategy that differs from the usual gaming experience. For example, if your first reel contains a symbol on place 5, the second reel has a symbol on place 1, and the third reel displays a symbol on place 3, it will still be considered a legitimate winning line that can affect the outcome of the spinning session.

This type of Megaways mechanic sets forth a strategy that involves the placement of numbers on the reels. If you are wondering about the ways that will allow you to win, also known as Megaways, they can be found at the top of the page in most Megaways slot machines. The number of Megaways available is counted with every round. The slot multiplies the number of matching symbols per one reel. The minimum number of symbols is 2, and the maximum number of symbols is 7. The game mechanic has certain advantages that can be actively advertised to low limit players and high roller players online. The engine offers more dynamic compared to the usual slots and the players are presented with more chances of winning.