How the Rise of Technology Has Influenced Gambling

How the Rise of Technology Has Influenced Gambling

It is safe to say that the astonishing progress of modern technology has impacted online gaming dramatically. These days, most online casinos are already employing the latest advancements in the industry to create an exceptional experience for gamblers.

The experts predict the mobile gaming industry to take over 40% of the online gambling market in the upcoming years, with the number of wagers placed from smartphones reaching an impressive $100 billion. Over 164 million people are used to playing their favorite games from mobile devices while placing bets and utilizing the bonuses provided by a particular casino.

Online Casinos and Virtual Reality in Casino Gambling

Below are the gambling areas that have been impacted by the gradual advancement of modern technology:

  • Online casinos. Demo game versions, free spin rounds, bonus features, and progressive jackpots have made an excellent addition to the casino world. The players that have previously declined the offers of visiting a traditional land-based casino have gladly rushed to welcome its more customized online counterpart.
  • Mobile gaming. According to gaming experts, mobile users now make up more than half of the global online gaming traffic. Countries like India have ignored the desktop gaming phase only to become one of the world’s most enthusiastic online gamblers. With the introduction of smartphones to the gambling market, the players have realized the benefit of playing their favorite slots with no downloads and signing up required.
  • Virtual reality. Virtual reality is one of the reasons the online casino experience can be elevated to a whole new level. It allows the punters to connect with the live dealers and start exchanging valuable casino tips with other players. Improved soundtracks and realistic design guarantee an intense gaming session compared to the regular land-based casino.
  • Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has been a massive aid for casino providers around the world in terms of collecting user data and analyzing the effectiveness of specific gaming strategies. AI stood behind the improvement of the ChatBox option allowing the punters to process payments and withdrawals online.
  • Blockchain technology. Blockchain is one of the latest inventions introduced to the world of gambling. The key features that make the core of this technology are crypto payments like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Right now, cryptocurrencies are merely one step away from becoming a globally acknowledged payment method. It is also one of the most secure options when it comes to casino transactions, with fewer limitations and restriction policies compared to the traditional payment methods. The privacy aspect may also be of benefit to dedicated gamblers that spend hours online: the punters don’t have to give away any personal data to make their first deposit.

With the international gambling community implementing technological improvements to online casinos daily, there will be no limits to the future progress of most casino sites.