Updated on December, 2022

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    High Roller Bonus: Exceptional Offer for Exceptional Players

    Nowadays, gambling has become available for different people. However, there is a category of players that stands out in the crowd playing big-money games. These people are called high rollers, and a special bonus for each is called a high roller bonus. It supplies the best conditions for exceptional players and motivates them to wage more and more. As a result – better incomes for casinos and better impressions for gamers. Double profit!

    How to Get a High Roller Bonus

    A high roller bonus is available for high-stakes players. Those who recognize themselves as being such have all chances to get it. However, the first step is to find a profitable casino that offers such types of bonuses. Once the casino is chosen, it is time to discover a bonus program. Propositions for high-stakes players may vary, but the most popular are:

    • Deposit high roller bonus. Usually, this type of bonus is represented as a percentage of the deposit. For example, some casinos provide 100% or even 200% bonuses for high- stakes players. It means that $10 000 will turn into additional $10 000 or $ 20 0000. This opportunity is available at any time, not just only after sign up.
    • Welcome bonus. Welcome bonus for high rollers is usually connected with the first deposit. Those who create an account and start the game from the valuable stake can get, for example, a 100% welcome bonus. Some casinos don’t focus on percentage and offer a particular sum. In any case, this type of preposition is relevant only for the first game.
    • Free spins. Some casinos also provide more spins for special guests. This proposition isn’t commonly used. Usually, it is an attractive addition for monetary benefits.

    High Roller Bonus: How to Choose Casino

    A high roller bonus is an advantage of particular casinos. These types of motivation can be represented in both online and land-based casinos. However, each of them provides specific conditions for the players and stands out with exceptional opportunities. High rollers can rely on such opportunities as:

    1. VIP manager. This person will support a high roller to make sure that he/she is satisfied.
    2. Premium content. High rollers also have access to high-class games with exceptional quality. 
    3. High-limit games. It is the cherry on top. These games allow players to enjoy big games and collect bonuses.
    4. Gifts and promotions. The casinos often please gamers with exclusive benefits. In other words, there are a lot of chances to get something more than a high roller bonus.

    There are also some indicators that gamers should take into account while choosing a casino:

    • Bonus policy. It is essential to compare casino with competitors to pick the best offers.
    • Rates. A lot of web platforms are specialized in reviews and develop rates that can be very useful.
    • Mobile support. This option is essential for those who prefer playing from different platforms.

    High Roller Bonus: Requirements and Conditions

    A high roller bonus is characterized by several wagering requirements. They differ in each casino. Therefore, it is essential to research the main rules before wagering. Usually, wagering requirements are connected with the deposit sum. It should be higher than standard stake to get benefits. There are also some specific conditions. Among them are:

    • Special playthrough requirement. This feature indicates the number of deposits that should be made to withdraw the bonus. This requirement is common for all bonuses, but high rollers may face some unique features.
    • Terms of bonus validity. Players should consider that the bonus is valid during a particular period and disappears upon its expiration.

    High Roller Bonus VS Standard Bonus

    Standard bonuses and high roller bonuses seem familiar. Both of them motivate gamers to play more or create an account. However, there are some differences also. Firstly, the amount of deposit should be much higher to get a high roller bonus. Usually, there is a scale that indicates a minimum allowable bet. A standard bonus is given in addition to each bet regardless of the amount. Secondly, high-stakes bonuses are often connected with high-risk games instead of standard ones. 

    High Roller Bonus as the First Step to VIP Club

    High rollers are welcome guests at any casino. Therefore, they can participate in the VIP club. The VIP club is a part of loyalty programs that allow valuable clients to get unique benefits. Usually, VIP players can turn to the personal support manager as well as the personal deal manager. They also can withdraw money faster and don’t have any withdrawal limitations. The most valuable guest can even receive customized presents. Each casino sets the rules on how to become a VIP player independently. There are no common rules. However, the strategy of huge and frequent deposits will work with a greater likelihood.


    What games should I play to get the bonus?

    This bonus is available for games regardless of their types. High rollers could benefit from table and card games, as well as online slots.

    How can I benefit from high stakes?

    High roller bonuses are not the only reason to wage more. High stakes also open the door to the unique community and exclusive offers. Moreover, casinos that focus on generous players always provide high-class conditions and high-quality games.

    Should I request to get a high stake bonus?

    This bonus is usually transferred to the personal account automatically. However, it’s better to clarify details with the support team just in case.

    What should I take into account before choosing a high-stakes strategy?

    It is essential to take into account wagering requirements and restrictions. They are usually represented on the casino’s website.

    Is it safe to make high stakes?

    It depends on the casino. Reputable platforms take care of the security policy and provide fair games. However, some casinos could be less responsible. Therefore, it is essential to read reviews and testimonials before choosing gambling resources.