Three Card Brag

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Three Card Brag

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Three Card Brag is a British card game coming from the 16th century. It has some resemblance to poker, but its betting style and hand rankings are totally different.

Three Card Poker requires a standard 52-card deck. With three ways to play and four ways to win the game, it has a relatively high RTP of 99%. Players have a chance to bet against the dealer, bet on their own three-card hand, or do both things simultaneously. To master the game, some basic rules must be learned.

How to Play Three Card Brag

When a game of Three Card Brag begins, all players acquire hands of three cards each. Considering the quality of their hands, they decide whether to bet or fold. The game doesn’t stop until two players stay. Eventually, the player with the best hand becomes a winner.

A good hand always secures a victory. But a good hand isn’t always easy to get. This is where bluffing becomes a real thing. Players can bluff until the showdown in order to mislead the other players.

To play Three Card Brag, players have to stick to the standard rules. Here they are.

The Ante Bet

At the beginning of the game, players who want to be involved in the game need to place their bet on the table. This bet is known as the “Ante.” Its value is usually indicated in the table’s rules.

The Deal

Now that it’s clear who continues the game, the dealer gives three cards to each player.

The Betting

Now, players have two options to choose from:

  • Bet – Those players who continue playing the hand place a bet of the same value as their Ante. Let’s say that their Ante is $5. Then, their bet is also going to be $5.
  • Fold – Those players who aren’t sure about their hand can fold and leave the hand. Thus, they don’t need to put more money at stake. But they should accept the loss of their Ante.

When players decide whether they want to continue the game or not, they should ask themselves a simple question: “Is my hand good enough to guarantee some wins?”

The Showdown

Three Card Brag consists of one betting round. If players carry on with the game, they are allowed to see the dealer’s cards. At this moment, they find out how much they win with their hand (if any). In the case of loss, they need to give all their chips to the dealer. Meanwhile, the dealer can take over the game only with a Queen or any higher card in its hand.

Hand Rankings and Odds

Hand rankings in Three Card Brag are different from traditional poker. Here are the potential hands along with their odds:

  • Straight Flush (three cards of the same suit like 10C, 9C, 8C or 8H, 7H, 6H)
  • Three of a kind (three cards of the same rank like 5D, 5H, 5S or 10S, 10H, 10C)
  • Straight (three cards of consecutive rank like JS, 10H, 9C or 8D, 7C, 6H)
  • Flush (three cards of the same suit like QH, 9H, 4H or 10S, 4S, 2S)
  • Pair (two cards of the same rank like 9S, 9D, 2C or AC, AH, 8D)
  • High Card (three cards that don’t repeat the above hands like KC, 8H, 4D)

When comparing two hands, the hand that involves the highest ranking card is viewed as the highest ranking hand.

Three Card Brag FAQ

How to play blind in Three Card Brag?

Experienced players can play blind, which means that they can’t look at their cards. By leaving those cards face down, they proceed with betting. At each level, they have to put in half the bet value they would like to bet if they had seen their cards.

What is the value of wild cards in Three Card Brag?

A wild card can be used to replace any card in the pack. If two hands happen to be equal, a hand without wild cards can take over a hand with several wild cards, and a hand with fewer wild cards can take over a hand with more wild cards.

What is a pair plus payout in Three Card Brag?

The Pair Plus is a special bonus that allows players to wager on their hand value. A player with a better hand becomes a winner. A Pair Plus can’t be used against the dealer’s cards.